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At the Crossroads Excellent Counsel.

Grandparent’s Rights

Many people initially believe that only parents have child custody concerns. In fact, many non-parents, such as grandparents, have custody matters that require the advice of an experienced family law attorney. The law firm of Tash & Kurtz, PLLC devotes its entire practice to family law matters in North Carolina. Our principal attorneys are Board Certified Specialists in Family Law and are committed to helping our clients in matters concerning divorce, alimony, postseparation support, child custody, including claims to custody or visitation that third parties may have the right to assert, child support, equitable distribution, and separation agreements.

The Supreme Court of the United States of America has created a high burden for third parties who wish to challenge a parent for custody. The law presumes that a parent has a paramount right to raise his or her child. There are exceptions to this presumption, however, including waiver of this paramount right by a parent through certain actions. In addition, working within those parameters, North Carolina has provided some limited means by which a grandparent may request that a court award visitation of a grandchild to a grandparent. In each instance, the specific facts of your situation will help your attorney determine your options. It is essential that you seek legal advice regarding any custody matter whether you are the parent, a grandparent, or other non-parent party seeking custody of a child.

A lawyer from Tash & Kurtz, PLLC can advise clients on what rights he or she may have with regards to custody of a child. Because the law surrounding these third party rights is constantly modified, we stay abreast of these changes so that you can have the advice you need when considering your rights and whether you should assert them.

At Tash & Kurtz, we keep our client’s interests at heart. Our goal is to create resolutions that can allow for healing, whether through litigation or through more affordable alternatives to litigation. If you need an attorney for an equitable distribution or other family law matter, please contact us.

For more information on custody, please see our child custody frequently asked questions.

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